Bogotá Triumphs on TripAdvisor: Sixth Worldwide & Leader in South America

Bogotá, the Sixth Best Global Destination District Institute of Tourism
Bogotá, the Sixth Best Global Destination

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Translated by Andrés Martínez

TripAdvisor, the world's leading travel platform, has awarded Colombia's capital the honor of being the sixth best tourist destination globally, along with a prominent first-place ranking in the top 10 destinations in South America.

Bogotá achieved these two significant acknowledgments during the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies' Tourism Showcase - Anato 2024. The awards were presented by Ana María Viscasillas, a representative of TripAdvisor's Business Tourism Service, to Andrés Santamaría, the director of the Bogotá Tourism Institute - IDT, who accepted the honors on behalf of the city. The awards included the "Best of the Best Destination" in the Trending Destinations World category, placing Bogotá at the top, and “The Best of the Best” in the Travelers' Choice Awards, recognizing it as the sixth-best destination.

These prestigious awards are based on traveler experiences shared on the TripAdvisor platform. Ana María Viscasillas, a representative from TripAdvisor, stated, "It is a true pleasure for TripAdvisor to grant this recognition to Bogotá, based on the quality and quantity of reviews shared by travelers from around the world between October 2022 and September 2023. During this period, 380 million reviews from 190 countries were recorded."

These achievements reflect the hard work carried out by the Bogotá Tourism Institute over 17 years. Andrés Santamaría, director of the IDT, said, "These recognitions are a significant milestone for Bogotá. They inspire us to continue strengthening our city's brand, improving tourist infrastructure, promoting an intelligent model, and fostering a community and socially responsible tourism."

Next, we share a post from Bogotá's Mayor, Carlos Galán, honoring the capital's award.

Bogotá offers a wide variety of tourist experiences to suit all tastes and preferences, at any time of the day. From its rich cultural and artistic offerings to its impressive architectural wonders and the natural beauty that surrounds it, Bogotá is a versatile city that boasts delicious cuisine and a variety of accommodations, making it a must-visit destination for all visitors.

With these honors, Bogotá reaffirms its position as one of the most exciting and welcoming tourist destinations in the world, inviting travelers from all over to discover the treasures that this city has to offer.

Below, we share a post from the District Institute of Tourism in X, receiving the award as the sixth tourist destination worldwide.