Care Blocks, a pioneering plan that several cities want to replicate: BBC News

Care Blocks at BBC NewsImage: BBC News
The British media outlet BBC News highlights the positive impact that Care Blocks have had on the lives of women in Bogotá.
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A recent report by the British media BBC News spotlights Bogotá's "Care Blocks" program as a pioneering initiative that is transforming the lives of women and attracting interest from various Latin American cities looking to replicate it.

The publication shares the positive experience and life change undergone by Natalia Moreno, a user of the "Care Blocks." Thanks to this initiative, Natalia learned to read tarot cards, meditate, and completed her higher education. In her own words, "this allows us to value ourselves, to understand ourselves for who we are, not for what others expect from us," as mentioned in the report.

The publication also highlights the comments of Ai-jen Poo, the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance in the United States, who expressed that she had never seen anything like it during her visit to the centers. According to the report, she stated, "this has expanded my vision of what is possible."

Furthermore, the publication points out the existing gender imbalance in caregiving roles, which are primarily carried out by women. While 90% of women engage in some form of unpaid caregiving work, only 60% of men do so. This situation is not significantly different in other cities in the region, prompting the replication of the "Care Blocks" experience in other urban areas. The note highlights that "Medellín and Cali are planning to establish their own centers. Montevideo, Uruguay, plans to set up laundries for women caregivers following Bogotá's example. The governments of Santiago, Chile, and Argentina have shown interest in adopting this approach."

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