The Castle of the Arts begins in the Santa Fe neighborhood

The Castle of the Arts begins in the Santa Fe neighborhood The Castle of the Arts begins in the Santa Fe neighborhood
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Under the leadership of Idartes and Idipron, this Wednesday the project 'El Castillo de las Artes' was launched, the first 24/7 art, culture and memory center in Bogotá, which will have artistic activities 24 hours a day, seven days a week by june of next year.

Thanks to the articulation with different public, private and community entities, this space, which functioned as a nightly entertainment club and was abandoned and in complete disrepair, was rescued and given a new meaning.

"This will be a place that will have to do with culture, but also with the art of living, with second chances, in a place that has traditionally been very difficult," said Mayor Claudia López.

For Carlos Marín, director of the District Institute for the Protection of Children and Youth, IDIPRON, “The dream of 'El Castillo de las Artes' was born because we want to have a space to handle all territorial intervention at that point and at 19 Burroughs in Bogotá, and add arts as a way to arrive in the right way. More than an alternative, it is a commitment to ethics and aesthetics in the face of coexistence, from this new Social and Environmental Contract of the XXI century ”.

In mid-2021, 'El Castillo de las Artes', located at Calle 23 No. 14 -19, plans to open a school of arts and crafts for life, a museum of night, a library, social cartography processes, collective creation laboratories, dialogues of knowledge, workshops for the reactivation of the arts and a permanent circulation stage for the arts (cinema forums, exhibitions, performances, interventions, concerts, plays and dance).

‘El Castillo de las Artes’ seeks to promote, from the creation, appropriation, circulation and artistic training, the empowerment of cultural rights and the care of life, as well as self-recognition, respect and affection for difference.

“This place will benefit communities and territories affected by multiple violence, particularly in the neighborhoods of Santa Fe and Los Mártires, highlighting, making visible and recognizing their wealth and the political, social, cultural and artistic diversity found in these territories, especially of the social and population sectors that live there: women, the LGBTI community, victims of conflict, indigenous communities, migrants, ”said Catalina Valencia Tobón, director of Idartes.

The activities and events programmed in 'El Castillo de las Artes', will have an articulation between Idartes and Idipron, and the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation (FUGA), the District Secretary of Security, Coexistence and Justice, the Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports, the Secretariat for Women, the Local Mayor's Office of Los Mártires, the Secretariat for Social Integration and the Peace and Reconciliation Memory Center.

"'El Castillo de las Artes' represents an effective solution to the revitalization of the city center and a commitment to the reactivation of the activities of the cultural and creative sector in this strategic area of ​​the city. Likewise, it allows to redefine a stigmatized territory and turn it into a symbol of a caring city, of social inclusion and of new opportunities, positioning the downtown area as a space in which creation does not stop ", concluded Adriana Padilla Leal, director of the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation.


Among the activities scheduled during the launch of the project, this Wednesday, the Grupo de Cultura Ciudadana and the Javier de Nicoló Conservatory of IDIPRON, the musical theater work Papucho, Christmas must continue by FUGA and the Marcato Foundation, the In Situ artistic intervention of the Trans Community Network, the presentation of the Raíces del Manglar group, among other activities, stand out.

In addition, the Art and Memory Forum was held, which will have the participation of Tatiana Piñeros, Local Mayor of Los Mártires; Carlos Marín, director of IDIPRON; Catalina Valencia, director of Idartes; Virgelina Chara, leader and artist, victim of the armed conflict; and Ammarantha Wass, trans leader of Cuerpos en Resistencia.

The event was moderated by Ivonne Cortes Castillo, artist, social worker, and leader for the victims of armed conflict, and was broadcasted on Idartes's Facebook and Idartes at home platform starting at 5:00 p.m. The presentation of LEs FantastiquEs CaimanEs by the Ensamble Artístico Trans, made up of trans artists from the neighborhoods of Santa Fe and Los Mártires, as well as the projection of a mapping in tribute to the victims of these Burroughs, was highlighted.

Finally, there was a tour of the photographic exhibitions of memory and a visit to some areas of El Castillo de las Artes. Throughout the day, the facade of the building was covered with a loom built by the Group of Women Victims of the Armed Conflict (Asomujer) and there was also a photographic exhibitions for memory, a proposal developed by the Circo Nicoló and tactical urban planning developed by The escape.