Experts arrive in Bogotá to contribute to the construction of efficient mobility

Experts arrive to contribute to the construction of efficient mobilityPhoto: Mayor's Office of Bogotá
The First and Second Lines of the Metro, the Carrera 7a Green Corridor, the Medio Milenio Bike Path, the Regiotram del Norte and the aerial cables, among others, will be the main topics.

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As part of Mayor Claudia López's commitment to a multimodal and sustainable transportation system based on low-emission technologies and the renewal of public space, Bogotá will hold Sustainable Mobility Week from Monday, January 30 to Friday, February 3.

It will be a space for dialogue around mobility issues in terms of Caring for people and the planet, with the participation of 13 international experts, who will talk about the importance of the Bogotá's mobility infrastructure plan that includes the Metro, 7 aerial cables, the Regiotram, Green Corridor and many other infrastructure projects currently being designed and implemented in the city.

The international specialists who will begin to arrive in Colombia from next Sunday, come from Europe, the United States, Mexico and Argentina, who will tour the city contributing their knowledge and suggesting contributions to the major projects underway to mobilize us better.

The Mobility Week will take place within the framework of the Car-Free Day to be celebrated next Thursday, February 2, when the Mayor and her cabinet will make bike and Transmilenio bus tours through several sectors of the city in the company of international guests.

Special visitors from Bogotá

The list stars with Janette Sadik-Khan, former commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation, who has worked with mayors around the world to reimagine and redesign their cities with innovative projects that can be quickly and affordably developed.

Another high-level expert is Niels Van Oort, Co-Director of the Intelligent Public Transport Laboratory in the Netherlands. He has been involved in public transport projects and research for over 15 years. Also participating will be New York Times architecture critic Michael Kimmelman, a writer on public housing, public space, landscape architecture, community development and equity, infrastructure and urban design.

In addition, there will be the participation of Melissa Bruntlett, a passionate speaker and writer who focuses on accessible mobility and sustainable cities; Robin Chase, an international mobility expert and American transportation entrepreneur; Ricard Font, general manager BISMA.

From the Barcelona City Council; Timothy Papandreou, global expert and thought leader on the future of mobility and automation; Marianely Patlán Velázquez, regional director of C40's Transportation Sector Program for Latin America, urban planner specializing in mobility and transportation; Luis Eduardo Tafur Herrera of C40, passionate about building better cities and communications through urban planning, transportation and sustainability.

Also participating will be Eric Miller, international mobility expert and former chair of the U.S. Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on Travel Behavior and Values; Pepe Monroy, who manages C40's Active Mobility Network and supports cities around the world in unlocking the potential of bicycle and pedestrian mobility.

This group of experts and influencers in the sector, will tour the city to learn about infrastructure projects, their knowledge will allow them to highlight their benefits and at the same time, it is expected, make contributions to the initiatives that are underway to decongest Bogotá.

Bogotá, a multimodal and sustainable city

Mayor Claudia López and Secretary of Mobility, Deyanira Ávila will be the hosts of the visitors during this important week in which there will be conversations and tours of the city to attract new knowledge in the field of sustainable mobility, as well as inspire and motivate all actors in the ecosystem to be part of the materialization of the most ambitious Multimodal and Sustainable Mobility Plan in the history of Bogotá.

In addition, these spaces seek to identify global trends in mobility models, communicate progress and projects in mobility in Bogota and involve society, the private sector and public administration in the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Plan.

Great Mobility Projects

In the Bogota we are building, the commitment to multimodal and sustainable mobility stands out. Currently, work is being done on the execution of large projects that will be properly socialized this week by Sustainable Mobility. These are:

·         The First and Second Line of the Metro

·         The Carrera 7 Green Corridor

·         North Regiotram

·         The Medio Milenio Cycle Path

·         Aerial cables.

Activity agenda

This is the agenda of the talks and tours to be held within the framework of the Sustainable Mobility Week in Bogotá:


·         Monday, January 30

Conversatory: "The New Eastern Limit, a Modern, Vital and Revitalized Center".

·         Tuesday, January 31

Conversatory: "Regional Integration with the Productive Heart of Bogota, for an Equitable Southwest".

·         Wednesday, February 1

Conversatory: "The Consolidation and Construction of the City, an Affordable and Accessible Northwestern Limit".

·         Friday, February 3

Conversatoty: "A Sustainable and Greening Bogota".

Bike tours:

·         Monday, January 30

o   Javeriana University.

o   Calle 72: Visit to the Carrera 7 Green Corridor and the First Line of the Metro.

o   El Virrey Park.

·         Tuesday, January 31

o   Gibraltar.

o   Metro Workshop Yard.

o   Tour Bosa Care Block and Barrio Vital El Porvenir.

o   Community Development Center.

o   The Medio Milenio Cycle Path

·         Wednesday, February 1

o   Citadel of Care and education

o   Second Metro Line

o   Calle 80.

o   Suba - Cota Road

o   Boyacá Avenue Extension (Torca).

o   Phase II The Medio Milenio Cycle Path

·         Thursday, February 2nd

o   From Plaza de Bolívar on shared bicycles to TransMilenio station on Troncal Av. 26.

·         Friday, February 3

o   Tour of the Atrio building, as a city landmark, and visit to the bicycle parking lot, as an initiative to encourage sustainable mobility.