Explore the Ciudad Bolivar District and enjoy its tourist offer

Explore the Ciudad Bolivar District and enjoy its tourist offer IDT
Boosting tourism in the Ciudad Bolívar district benefits visitors and contributes to the economic and social development of its population.

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Translated by Andrés Martínez

The Bogota Tourism Institute - IDT invites you to discover the tourist offerings of Ciudad Bolivar, a district that is emerging as a tourist destination due to its urban and rural attractions.

One of the standout features driving the popularity of the Ciudad Bolívar district is its innovative transportation system, the TransMiCable. This modern cable car connects various points in the locality, transporting more than 7,000 people per hour in 163 cabins, offering stunning views of Bogota's landscapes.

Bogota Colors' Colorful Street: A Success Story from Ciudad Bolívar to the World

Another distinctive attraction that has contributed to the tourism growth of the Ciudad Bolívar district is Bogota Colors' famous "Colorful Street." The walls of El Paraíso neighborhood have been transformed into a vibrant canvas celebrating creativity and artistic expression. Colorful murals and graffiti adorn the house facades, creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

The idea was born in 2015 with Michael Rojas (May) and Luisa Sabogal, a couple of artists seeking to redefine their neighborhood and change its image. This is how the travel agency and collective Bogota Colors was born, which now boasts more than 40 murals, equivalent to over 900 square meters adorned with urban art.

Each mural tells a story, like that of Luis Ramírez, a resident of Ciudad Bolívar's rural area and founder of Asoproam, an association that carries out the Tunjuelo agrotourism route, promoting rural, wellness, and nature tourism. Luis is an example of perseverance and achievement in consolidating his tourism project and creating employment within his community.

Elevated Local Gastronomy with Colorful Empanadas

Gastronomy also plays a crucial role in Ciudad Bolívar's tourist offerings. La Galeria del Sabor has gained recognition for its colorful empanadas, a delightful fusion of culinary tradition and visual creativity.

These empanadas not only delight the palate but also serve as a tribute to the cultural diversity of the locality. "Each coloration is made naturally with foods that generate color, such as beetroot," explains Martha Bernal, the creator of this culinary innovation.

The Self-Built City Museum: A Bastion of Ciudad Bolívar's Roots

In Ciudad Bolívar, you'll also find the Self-Built City Museum, a space that captures the essence of the communities that have contributed to shaping this district, highlighting creativity and resilience.

Within the museum's five levels, you'll encounter the famous sculpture of the "Hanging Pole," a symbol of internal migration and the self-construction processes of the surrounding neighborhoods, which has been declared a cultural heritage.

In the museum, you'll also discover various artistic expressions from the Afro community and LGBTI collectives, among others.

The boost to tourism in Ciudad Bolívar not only benefits visitors but also contributes to the economic and social development of the district.

The tourist offerings and promotion of local culture have turned this area into a hidden gem in Bogota, capturing the attention of more people every day.