First time that a Spanish government chancellor meets with mayor of Bogotá

Arancha González Laya, met today with Mayor Claudia López to strengthen relations between Bogota, Spain and Colombia.
Arancha González Laya, met today with Mayor Claudia López to strengthen relations between Bogota, Spain and Colombia.

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As part of her official trip to Colombia, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, met today with Mayor Claudia López in order to strengthen relations between Bogotá, Spain and their local governments; as well as to explore possible alliances for the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, related to cooperation initiatives, environmental sustainability and culture for citizens.


For the first time a Spanish foreign minister meets with a mayor of Bogota, demonstrating the strategic importance of relations between the Colombian capital and Spain and with the governments of cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. “Bogota is grateful for the Spanish government's constant support for our city," said Mayor Lopez at the beginning of the meeting.

Both Spain's External Action Strategy and Bogota's District Development Plan are structured around the Sustainable Development Goals, there are therefore several points in common, which can create opportunities for cooperation and the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Cooperacion Bogotana Española

Minister González Laya highlighted, "Two important processes that the pandemic has accelerated are decarbonization and digitalization, both agendas are driven from the local level and governments such as those of Bogotá are making progress on these issues", in response, Mayor Claudia Lopez expressed Bogotá's interest in knowing in detail about Spain's experience in clean mobility and specifically its experience with the green fleet of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit).

For Bogotá, one of the most important points is related to air quality and clean mobility in view of the mega-projects that will be developed to implement a regionalized intermodal transportation network, such as Green Corridor of the Seventh street, the 68th Avenue Corridor, the expansion of bicycle paths and the road network, as well as the first line of the Metro and the West Regiotram.

Some policies in which Bogotá is advancing in order to achieve an inclusive economy for gender equity were also discussed, such as the District Care System, through which women who are responsible for the care of children or the elderly can alleviate their burden and access the labor market and training opportunities.

Another strategic point of common interest is Smart Cities, where attendees exchanged information on 24-hour transportation services, public bicycles, cable cars and parking management.


This important meeting served to strengthen and energize the relationship between the Spanish government and the capital of Colombia, and to identify new strategic spaces for cooperation and mutual collaboration.


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