Mayor asks UN and the Episcopal Conference: include youngsters at the dialogue

Claudia López also urged the mediators not to allow the dialogue to be suspended under any circumstances. Claudia López also urged the mediators not to allow the dialogue to be suspended under any circumstances.
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Given the situation that the country is going through due to the protests and the National Strike, Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, asked the United Nations (UN) and the Episcopal Conference, as reliable negotiators, to demand the inclusion of youth representatives in the negotiation table that the National Government advances.

The Mayor of Bogotá said that to move forward a genuine negotiation is required, that " he National Strike Committee and the National Government sit down again and the first thing they discuss is how they are going to bring young people from the streets to the table so that their voice is directly represented and not supplanted”.

She added that for there to be a negotiating agenda, trustworthy negotiators such as the United Nations and the Episcopal Conference are required. To whom he asked, “urgently not to let either the government or the Unemployment Committee stand at that table, on the contrary, to help them bring young people from the different regions of the different streets to that negotiating table.”

She also urged the mediators not to allow the dialogue to be suspended for any reason until a way out of the social crisis in the country is found.

She stressed that at this time it is essential to build this negotiating table and not get into a battle of unilateral announcements and who gets more from one side or the other.

"COVID-19 has a vaccine, we are putting it in more than 500 vaccination posts, the social and political crisis has a vaccine, it is called concertation," said Mayor Claudia López.

"Young people are the ones on the street, young people are the ones asking for job opportunities and to leave poverty together with their families," she emphasized.

Regarding the COVID-19 situation, the mayor said that the city is on the verge of hospital collapse. We have had “an occupation of up to 96% of ICUs, evidently human interaction, whatever its form, produces more contagion. We had managed to go down, but the protests in the last two weeks undoubtedly has risen again, we have seen more than 5,200 infections per day”.

Claudia López, sent a call to today’s multitude, "I would beg the protesters and the national government that it is time to move from the blockade to dialogue."

On World Nursing Day

Mayor Claudia López wished them a "happy day for everyone, especially for nurses in their day. Thank you for taking care of us, for sacrificing day by day to save our lives," the mayor wrote on her Twitter account along with a video on the one who added that "to all of them our infinite gratitude for their work, their dedication, for literally saving our lives. "Thank you for the sacrifice you have made throughout these months of pandemic. Sacrifices of not being able to be with their families and literally risk their lives to take care of us. Our very special recognition," the Mayor concluded in the video.