Bogotá Secures Membership in the World Tourism Cities Federation WTCF Council

Bogotá Secures Membership in the World Tourism Cities Federation WTCF CouncilBogotá Tourism Institute -IDT-.
Bogotá is now among over 246 cities worldwide that are members of this tourism organization based in Beijing, China.

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Translated by Andrés Martínez

Bogotá has been accepted as a member of the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) Council. The announcement was made by Andrés Santamaría, the director of the Bogotá Tourism Institute (IDT), during his first meeting at the council, held in Wellington, New Zealand. The meeting gathered 450 guests from around the world, including tourism executives and experts, media representatives, and international organization delegates.

"This is great news for Bogotá! We are delighted to announce our membership in the World Tourism Cities Federation Council. We are excited to join this elite group and work with tourism city leaders worldwide to promote sustainable tourism in our city," Santamaría emphasized.

The IDT director added that Bogotá's goal as a member of the WTCF is to build a cooperation platform among world tourism cities, promote cultural resources, and support high-quality tourism development.

At the city gathering, strategies for international tourism, innovative projects, and a business cooperation project signing were presented. Moreover, Bogotá actively participated in discussions about the future of global tourism.

In the following post from the Bogotá Tourism Institute (IDT), you'll find details about the city's participation in the WTCF summit:

Additionally, the promotional video for the Bogotá brand is being showcased at the WTCF Council. This is a source of pride for the IDT team, as it helps project the Colombian capital to every corner of the world, allowing inhabitants of other cities to discover Bogotá's cultural richness, natural wonders, and unique experiences.

"I had the great opportunity to discuss Bogotá with Tory Whanau, the mayor of Wilmington, and explore opportunities in a city as vibrant as ours. We have few interactions with New Zealand, but we can attract more Kiwi tourists to Bogotá with our cultural and natural wonders. We're aiming for more international connections and quality tourism!" the IDT director specified.

Furthermore, Santamaría spoke with Sima Hong, the Executive Vice President of the WTCF Council and Vice Mayor of Beijing, about the significance of Asian tourism in Latin American cities, particularly how Bogotá can increase tourist flows from Asia.

"For the Bogotá Tourism Institute, it's crucial to collaborate to promote our attractions and cultures in this growing market," Santamaría concluded.

The WTCF is an international organization that brings together tourist destinations worldwide to promote sustainable tourism development. With a total of 246 members, the WTCF plays a vital role in creating collaborative networks and implementing best practices in the global tourism industry.

Bogotá is proud to join this prestigious organization and is committed to contributing to the growth and prosperity of tourism both locally and globally. Some of the WTCF member cities include:

  • Paris, France
  • New York, USA
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Rome, Italy
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Singapore

These cities represent some of the world’s leading tourism powerhouses committed to promoting sustainable and accessible destinations for all travelers.

Bogotá sees its membership in the WTCF as an opportunity to learn from international best practices, share knowledge and experiences, and collaborate with other tourist destinations to address common challenges facing the tourism industry.

For more information about the WTCF and its members, visit the official website at