'Visit Bogotá': Your Mobile Guide to Colombia’s Capital

'Visit Bogotá': Your Mobile Guide to Colombia’s Capital Photo: Bogotá Tourism Institute
This free app, available on AppStore and Google Play, opens a window to the vibrant heart of Bogotá, offering travelers an extensive array of resources to explore and enjoy the city to the fullest

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Translated by Andrés Martínez Forero

Bogotá is committed to establishing itself as a top international destination, and to aid in this effort, the Mayor's Office of Bogotá, through the Bogotá Tourism Institute, has launched the 'Visit Bogotá' app. More than just a tourist guide, this app acts as a gateway to the vibrant heart of the city, providing travelers with comprehensive resources to explore and experience Bogotá in full.

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"Today, Bogotá introduces its first-ever 'Visit Bogotá' app, which contains all the information about the city, including tourist events complete with maps and locations. Its main goal is to provide visitors and tourists with firsthand information. It is undoubtedly an app for everyone; we invite you to download it onto your mobile devices," stated Andrés Santamaría, director of the Bogotá Tourism Institute.

In the following video, get a glimpse of the city’s most iconic sites, its cuisine, cultural plans, attractions, and natural landscapes. Situated 2,600 meters above sea level, Bogotá beckons. Get excited and plan your visit to our city, our Bogotá:

With the 'Visit Bogotá' platform, travelers can easily access information about the city's most popular plans, articles, and blogs about the most intriguing places, as well as details on cultural events and unique experiences that Bogotá has to offer. From historical landmarks to local hidden gems, the app provides a comprehensive overview of Bogotá’s cultural diversity and richness.

Additionally, it offers detailed guidance on navigating the city with public and private transportation options, ensuring that travelers can explore Bogotá safely and conveniently. For those who prefer a more personalized experience, 'Visit Bogotá' provides audio guides, offering immersive narratives about the city’s major points of interest.

'Visit Bogotá' is not only an invaluable tool for travelers wishing to discover the city but also showcases the commitment of the Bogotá Tourism Institute and the Mayor's Office to promoting sustainable tourism in the Bogotá region.

For those who want to explore Bogotá from the comfort of their home, much of the information available in the app is also accessible on the official website www.visitbogotá.co. From trip planning to immersing in local culture, 'Visit Bogotá' is set to become an essential companion for anyone eager to uncover the treasures of this vibrant South American metropolis.

With its launch, Bogotá welcomes travelers from around the world to dive into the beauty, culture, and excitement of the Colombian capital like never before. Download the app today and discover all that Bogotá has to offer! Find it on the AppStore and Google Play under 'Visit Bogotá'.