Galán Pushes for Cooperation with World Bank and Multilateral Banks in the U.S.

Bogotá promoted cooperation agenda in the US with the World Bank Photo: Mayor's Office of Bogotá
Mayor of Bogotá, Carlos Fernando Galán, during his participation in the World Bank's Land Conference in Washington.

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Translated by Andrés Martínez Forero

On his first international trip, Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán traveled to Washington D.C. from May 12 to 14. He participated as a panelist in the opening session of the World Bank's Land Conference and held strategic meetings with the Washington Mayor's Office and multilateral banks.

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The primary goal of the trip was to highlight the importance of water care on the global agenda, seek international support and cooperation for infrastructure projects like the Canoas Wastewater Treatment Plant, and promote initiatives for youth. Additionally, he aimed to boost U.S. investment in Bogotá.

Galán's agenda kicked off with his panel participation at the World Bank's Land Conference, a significant event focusing on effective strategies for securing land rights and access, supporting climate change mitigation, and adapting to rapid urbanization.

During the conference, the Mayor discussed the environmental challenges facing Bogotá and emphasized that organizing the city’s territory and advancing climate action are key strategic objectives in the Development Plan 'Bogotá Camina Segura.'

"We shared our plans to make significant progress in urban revitalization, central area housing, infrastructure, transport systems, and safe public spaces in the coming years, aiming to make Bogotá a sustainable city," the Mayor said on his X account.

Here is a post from Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán on the social network X:

Meetings with Strategic Partners

Mayor Galán also presented the Development Plan to the prestigious think tank 'Atlantic Council' and discussed Bogotá's strategies for security, economic development, investment, migration, and subnational diplomacy.

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Additionally, he met with Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to discuss shared challenges like security, urban renewal, and sustainable mobility. They explored creating a network of cities across the Americas to collaborate and share successful practices.

Outcomes with Multilateral Banks

During meetings with multilateral banks, the Mayor discussed long-term solutions for Bogotá's water supply and usage, seeking technical and financial support for major urban projects from the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

The World Bank announced technical support for exploring water supply alternatives, considering climate change impacts, and sharing crisis management experiences from cities like Cape Town, South Africa.

The organization also confirmed technical and financial support for Bogotá's Second Metro Line and strategies for engaging communities with the first line. They will also assist in defining a solid waste management model, developing urban revitalization strategies, and providing technical support for social housing and building reuse projects.

With the IFC, they agreed to explore financing options for energy transition projects.

Mayor Carlos Galán's international agenda effectively highlighted Bogotá's key issues and strengthened relationships with crucial partners to foster cooperation aimed at making real improvements in the city's quality of life.

Sandra Borda, counselor for International Relations of Bogotá, also met with Nina Hachigian, the U.S. State Department's Special Representative for City and State Diplomacy, to advance security, climate change, and urban development initiatives. She also met with Inter-American Development Bank representatives to discuss cooperation on youth and education projects in Bogotá.

Sandra Borda, counselor for International Relations of Bogotá, also met with Nina Hachigian, the U.S. State Department's Special Representative for City and State Diplomacy,