Development Plan: 'Bogotá, a City with Open Doors to the World'

Development Plan: 'Bogotá, a City with Open Doors to the World' Photo: Mayor's Office of Bogotá
This program seeks to promote the creation and strengthening of solidarity marketing and market intermediation networks, expanding the scope beyond the district level, to the regional, departmental, national and international level.

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Translated by Andrés Martínez Forero

The 'Bogotá, a City with Open Doors to the World' initiative, part of the 2024 - 2028 District Development Plan, marks a milestone by incorporating for the first time an ambitious strategy for internationalization. This strategy aims to strengthen and coordinate the city's international governance, promote international dialogue on security, coexistence, and justice, increase student exposure to foreign languages, and enhance cooperation in the cultural sector.

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As cities like Bogotá gain more autonomy, their influence on the international stage continues to grow. This new role not only brings significant benefits to its citizens but also enhances the global positioning of the city. Bogotá has established itself as a model of inclusive, productive, and sustainable urban development, playing a prominent role globally and making substantial contributions to the international agenda.

The objective of the 'Bogotá, a City with Open Doors to the World' program is to foster the creation and strengthening of solidary marketing and intermediation networks that extend beyond the local to regional, departmental, national, and international levels.

This will be accomplished through four key components:

Governance Scheme for International Action of Bogotá

 This component focuses on coordinating and articulating the city's internationalization activities. It involves key local and global actors, including government bodies, diplomatic representatives, academia, civil society, and the private sector, to ensure effective and sustainable strategic management that translates into real benefits and positively impacts the city's quality of life.

Improvement of City Security

Managing resources and investments to strengthen public policies on citizen security, crime prevention, justice, coexistence, and human rights. It also aims to foster international dialogue to promote and implement successful practices from other cities. The Bogotá International Relations Office will collaborate closely with the Secretariat of Security to promote international cooperation and dialogue among cities on security issues.

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Strengthening Educational Competitiveness and Quality 

This component is aimed at increasing students' exposure to foreign languages. An ambitious project will implement various strategies targeting both students and teachers, with the goal of more graduates achieving a B1 level or higher in English. This initiative is designed to prepare the youth to compete and thrive in a global market.

Cultural Diplomacy

Seeks to establish Bogotá as a reference point through the promotion and exchange of cultural, recreational, and sports sectors on international platforms, and by hosting world-class cultural and sports events.

With the 'Bogotá, a City with Open Doors to the World' program, part of the 'Bogotá Camina Segura' Development Plan, the Colombian capital will not only increase its international presence but also significantly contribute to the sustainable development and social welfare of the city and the region.