We are Building Metro passionately, and won't stop for a day: Mayor López

We are Building Metro passionately, and won't stop for a day: MayorPhoto: Mayor's Office of Bogotá
The Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, spoke about the works that are being advanced at the same time as the First Metro Line, vital works for the expansion and development of the country's capital.

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Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, assured that the construction of the metro is producing 23.2 billion pesos and creating jobs, improving quality of life, well-being, and innovation.

During the Sustainable Mobility Week, on its second day, Mayor Claudia López, along with 13 international experts from Europe, the United States, Mexico, and Argentina; congressmen and councilors of the Colombian capital, visited the construction site of the workshop yard of the First Line of the Bogotá Metro located southwest of the city.

At the event, the mayor said that "it is very exciting to come to Bosa and see how the works of the First Line of the Bogotá Metro (FLBM) are advancing. As the Metro starts in Bosa, and suddenly people think it is very far away, they do not see the progress of the work. There will be the 30 trains that the PLMB will have, administrative buildings, maintenance workshops, and here the 24 kilometers of the viaduct will start".

In her intervention on the progress of this important work for the city, the mayor explained: "when we talk about the Bogotá Metro, we must talk about five lines in total, this year we will contract the second, which will be underground and reach Fontanar del Río, in the Suba borough".

In this tweet, the mayor refers to the construction of the First Metro Line:

The mayor of the capital also spoke about the works that are being advanced at the same time as the First Metro Line, vital works for the expansion and development of the country's capital. "We are also building the Western Commuter rail, the first electric commuter train in Colombia, so that at station 13, on 26th Street and Caracas Avenue, there will be a large transportation node at transportation node because the First Metro Line, the Commuter rail, what will be the third line, and the Reencuentro - Monserrate aerial cable will be found," she said.

The mayor recalled that the area where the workshop yard is being built today was a garbage dump 40 years ago. "Here there are 52,000 square meters, of public land, today it is a green area that we decontaminated, and it will become the third largest public park in Bogotá," she explained.

Near this great work, young people from the Bosa and Kennedy boroughs will also find pools, gyms, and recreational and play spaces in the Gibraltar Care Block. "That is the most important social innovation in Bogotá in this administration because we will have the highest modern velodrome in the world; it will also have an ecological area, with a forest and trails; and also, a High-Performance Sports Center," added Mayor López. 

"All this social investment is worth 380,000 million pesos, which comes with the Bogotá Metro. That is why it is so important, that is why we build it with so much passion, and it will not stop for one day, one hour, or one minute," the mayor pointed out. 

This is the first time we have machines, workers, and money because there are 23.2 billion pesos producing employment, quality of life, well-being, and innovation. 

Leónidas Narváez, general manager of Empresa Metro de Bogotá, said: "We want to present to the citizens the advances of the works of the workshop yard that we are carrying out in the El Corzo sector, in the Bosa borough, where maintenance and parking of the project trains will be carried out, which will be fundamental in the operation of the First Line of the Bogotá Metro." 

During the tour of the great work, the official added: "Soil adaptation works to date have progress of 68.37%. This percentage is close to 25% above what we had planned. Thanks to this advance, which represents almost a year and a half advance, the construction phase of the buildings that will be in this place will begin in September of this year and not in April 2024, as initially planned."

"The works that follow are monumental, and citizens will begin to see the increase of the interventions of the First Line of the Bogotá Metro in the road interchange of 72nd Street, in Primero de Mayo Avenue with 68th Avenue, among other points of the city, and to evidence, the transformation that sustainable mobility will bring to the city," concluded the General Manager of the EMB.

The government of Mayor Claudia López is building on what has been built. Thanks to this push, today more than 4,200 people get up every morning to work on the city's Metro works.

2023 can be summed up with the word Hope, which is what people see in the street, they want to see the subway of the country's capital materialize. People know that they are being inconvenienced by the work, but they hope to use it in March 2028. People want to gain up to two hours a day in savings when they can cross the city using a metro. Almost 15 days a year of savings time per year.

"In 2023, we will see the first low bed with prefabricated pieces to assemble the viaduct. The concessionaire's commitment to the Bogota Metro Company (EMB) is to have three active fronts for the development of this large structure before the end of the first semester of 2023."