Why Bogotá Is One of Latin America’s Top Cities for Foodies

Why Bogotá Is One of Latin America’s Top Cities for Foodies Photo: Bogotá District Tourism Institute
Bogotá ranks sixth among the best Latin American cities for dining and holds the 32nd spot globally.

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Translated by Andrés Martínez Forero

Bogotá continues to bask in great news. According to TasteAtlas, a leading online resource dedicated to cataloging and celebrating the world’s culinary diversity, Bogotá has emerged as a top city for gastronomy in Latin America. The platform, known for guiding travelers and food lovers while educating them about various culinary cultures, places Colombia’s capital ahead of cities like Cancún, New York, and Rio de Janeiro in its rankings.

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Andrés Santamaría, the director of Tourism Bogotá, expressed delight over this achievement, attributing it to concerted efforts to boost the city’s culinary offerings.

“For the first time, Bogotá has gained prominent recognition on the Taste Atlas list as one of the finest cities for enjoying Latin American cuisine. It's especially noteworthy as Bogotá is the only Colombian city on the list, surpassing four major cities from the region and the globe,” Santamaría stated.

Likewise, the director of Tourism Bogotá referred to the 2023 Travelers survey conducted by the Tourism Observatory, which interviewed over 73,000 people. The survey revealed that the city's culinary offerings were a major draw, with 45.8% of international tourists and 26.3% of domestic tourists citing them as a key motivation for visiting Bogotá.

“This recognition aligns closely with the findings of the latest Travelers survey, which shows that gastronomy is one of the favorite activities for both domestic and international tourists visiting Bogotá,” he stated. It’s worth noting that the survey also found that the most visited places by tourists were restaurants and shopping centers, with 62.2% of international tourists dining out and 56.2% visiting shopping centers.

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In the following video, discover some of the city's most iconic places, its cuisine, cultural activities, attractions, and natural landscapes. Located at 2,600 meters above sea level, Colombia's capital offers a glimpse into its unique offerings. Get a taste of what's to come and plan your visit to our city, our Bogotá:

Top 10 Cities in Latin America for Dining

The list of the best cities for eating in the region is led by Guadalajara, followed by Buenos Aires and Lima. The complete list includes:

  1. Guadalajara, Mexico
  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  3. Lima, Peru
  4. Santiago, Chile
  5. São Paulo, Brazil
  6. Bogotá, Colombia
  7. Cancún, Mexico
  8. Mexico City, Mexico
  9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  10. Mérida, Mexico

In the World

Globally, Bogotá holds the 32nd position, closely trailing cities like Santiago, Madrid, and São Paulo. The top three spots are dominated by Italian cities with Rome leading, followed by Bologna and Naples.

Why Bogotá Is One of Latin America’s Top Cities for Foodies
The gastronomic offer is one of the greatest reasons to visit Bogotá, with 45.8% in international tourists and 26.3% in national tourists, according to the Viajeros 2023 survey. Photo: Bogotá District Tourism Institute.

Additional Culinary Accolades for Bogotá

Among other gastronomic accolades, Bogotá's bistro, El Chato, helmed by chef Álvaro Clavijo, is listed in the top 50 of the World's Best Restaurants for 2024 by 50 Best organization, which compiles its list based on reviews from numerous experts. The restaurant is celebrated for its quality dishes featuring local ingredients such as chicken hearts with native potato and costeño whey, renowned mussels with coconut rice and arracacha, and lobster with tamarind and culona ant, as highlighted by BBC Mundo in its review of this significant recognition that underscores the best of Latin American cuisine.

Top Restaurants in Bogotá According to TasteAtlas

TasteAtlas also recommends several of Bogotá’s finest dining establishments, including La Puerta Falsa, Abasto, El Cebollero, Casa Vieja, and Restaurante Doña Elvira.

For more information on Bogotá’s tourist offerings: www.visitbogota.co