Bogotá and CAF strengthen ties in Mobility, Climate Action, and Open Government

Bogotá and CAF strengthen cooperation in Mobility and Climate ActionPhoto: Mayor's Office of Bogota
Bogotá and the CAF have a long history of cooperation on different issues of interest to the city.
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This Wednesday, Mayor Claudia López and the president of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), Sergio Díaz-Granados, signed a Letter of Intent to formalize the collaboration ties between Bogotá and the entity, with the aim of deepening cooperation and knowledge exchange on issues of mobility, accessibility, environment, and digital government.

"This letter of intent demonstrates our commitment and willingness to continue working with the CAF to explore avenues of cooperation that strengthen and promote sustainable medium- and long-term planning and management in Bogotá," said Mayor López during the meeting.

The priority areas of cooperation strengthened by this Letter of Intent are focused on three fronts of action: mobility, for which road safety, universal accessibility and social inclusion issues will be addressed; climate action, aimed at land use planning, and environmental and biodiversity management; and open government and public innovation.

Bogotá and the CAF have a long history of cooperation, which has led to the implementation of the 'Ciempies' road safety project for children, in addition to the modal integration plan between Regiotram and the bicycle route network under the Latin American Investment Facility (LAIF) program. This collaboration has also enabled studies related to mobility and gender, as well as public innovation and regional transportation integration projects.

With the signing of this Letter of Cooperation, CAF has reiterated its commitment to Bogotá for the training and development of strategies focused on inclusion and the creation of accessible spaces that demonstrate the current administration's commitment to caring for the environment and for people.