C40 Cities recognizes Bogotá for inclusive climate action and La Rolita

La Rolita's electric busesPhoto: Bogota Mayor’s Office.
The city was awarded for creating green jobs and training women to operate La Rolita's electric buses.

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C40 Cities, the global network of cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis, has awarded Bogotá for its outstanding efforts in greening the public transportation sector, specifically through its public transport operator, La Rolita. The city was selected, along with five others from around the world, to receive funding through the new Inclusive Climate Action (ICA) Cities Finance Facility, administered by the network of cities.

Mayor Claudia López explained that this recognition comes as a result of the significant efforts made by the current district administration to prioritize inclusive climate action for all residents.

"La Rolita, our first public transport operator, represents a major milestone for Bogotá and the region as it integrates two fundamental pillars of our city's vision: caring for people and caring for the planet. Over half of its operators are women, making it the most gender-inclusive system and ensuring equal opportunities for them in a predominantly male-dominated sector," stated the mayor.

Bogotá’s investment in the public transportation sector is part of the city’s commitment to creating a clean, green, sustainable and inclusive city for all. Currently, the city has the largest electric bus fleet in Latin America and aims to have the biggest in the world after China by the end of 2023.

In this regard, the mayor added, "With La Rolita, we are contributing to a cultural transformation and contributing to tackling the climate crisis by operating a fully electric fleet, practicing eco-driving techniques, and delivering a high quality service to one of the most underserved areas in our city.”

The ICA Fund is C40’s first-ever fund for cities specifically focused on facilitating inclusive climate action and a just transition to a green economy, and supports science-driven, locally led climate initiatives in cities around the world. Bogotá, a C40 member, will benefit from the ICA Fund’s first round of disbursements.

The ICA Fund is supported by the Open Society Foundations and builds directly on the ongoing success of C40’s Global Green New Deal Pilot Initiative. It is aimed at supporting cities around the world to deliver transformative projects benefiting urban dwellers and its vulnerable communities.

Alongside Bogotá, the selected cities are Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Los Angeles in the United States, Quezon City in the Philippines, Vancouver in Canada, and Warsaw in Poland. The selection was made through a rigorous process, with applications received from over 30 cities worldwide.

Each beneficiary city will receive up to $60,000 to implement projects over the next 12 months. These projects must address specific socio-economic barriers to accelerate climate action that is fair, equitable, and inclusive, benefiting all citizens, especially communities vulnerable to the effects of global warming.

By bringing inclusivity and equity to the forefront of climate action, Bogotá will work to heal social inequalities, improve decision making processes by ensuring voices of vulnerable communities are heard, and foster truly inclusive economies, thereby ensuring equitable access to the benefits of climate action for all while inspiring more cities in the process.

As part of the announcement, Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London and President of C40, mentioned, “Mayors recognize that there can be no climate justice without social justice and are already leading the way to achieve both in their cities. However, more support is needed. The C40 Inclusive Climate Action Cities Fund will provide more support to cities to implement specific projects that address social justice and the climate emergency in tandem. The six cities receiving the first round of funding reflect my commitment to expanding the Global Green New Deal programme and supporting Global South cities in prioritizing climate action that tackles inequality.”

Caterina Sarfatti, Managing Director, Inclusion and Global Leadership, said: “With the rising cost of living globally and the increasing injustices of climate breakdown, residents around the world have a huge need for healthier, fairer, more sustainable and inclusive societies. Inclusive and equitable climate action has never been so urgent and mayors are leading the way in showing what a just, green transition looks like in practice. By providing the necessary financial and technical support, C40’s ICA Fund is a concrete mechanism for them to further scale and accelerate delivery of inclusive climate action that specifically addresses the needs of vulnerable people.”