Multilateral Banks Acknowledge Progress of Bogotá's First Metro Line

Multilateral Banks Acknowledge Progress of Bogotá's First Metro LinePhoto: Mayor's Office of Bogotá.
Mayor Claudia López and Secretary of Mobility, Deyanira Ávila (left), showcase the progress of this mega project to delegates from the World Bank, IDB, and the European Investment Bank.
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Bogotá's Mayor, Claudia López, along with representatives from the World Bank (WB), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the European Investment Bank (EIB) visited the construction site of Bogotá's First Metro Line (BFML).

The primary objective of this tour was to showcase the progress of the largest mobility infrastructure project being built in the country. Executives from Empresa Metro de Bogotá (EMB), Metro Line 1 concessionaire, the supervisory consortium Consorcio Supervisor PLMB, and officials from the city administration also participated in this mission.

"Welcome friends from the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the European Investment Bank, who are joining us this week on a mission to see firsthand the progress of Bogotá's Metro," said Mayor Claudia López. The local agent thanked the delegation for agreeing to begin their work with a field visit, which started at the Bosa Workshop Yard, followed by a tour of the area known as 'El Pulpo,' the BFML 's Training Car, and concluded at the road interchange at 72nd Street and Caracas Avenue.

"Bogotá's Metro unites us; it unites Bogotá, it unites Colombia. It is the most important mobility and climate change infrastructure project the country has undertaken in its history, with over 4,500 people working today on the construction of our first line," she added.

This technical supervision mission by the Multilateral Bank conducts biannual follow-ups on the progress of the BFML. The last mission took place between November 15th and 19th, 2022, and also included delegates from the WB, IDB, and EIB, with the latter attending the visit virtually. The first mission of 2023, which began today, will continue until Friday, April 28th.

"There is nothing better than seeing these advancements with our own eyes. We are impressed with the transparency and accuracy of these reports, not only for us but for the citizens as well. Moreover, the idea of the Training Car is excellent because it creates an identity, a Metro culture," said Peter Siegenthaler, Country Manager (Colombia) of the WB.

Leonardo Cañon, Project Manager of the WB, also stated that "the visit allows us to see significant progress compared to the last time. What we saw at the Workshop Yard and the interchange is truly important."

The WB representative also highlighted the road, social, and workplace health and safety standards across the various construction sites: "This is a great example that puts Bogotá at a high level, allowing us as a bank to have a positive perspective for what is to come, such as the viaduct construction," he added.

Tour of the FMBL Construction Sites

The tour of the four construction sites of the FMBL began at the Bosa Workshop Yard, located in the southwestern part of the city. The international delegation, composed of over 20 consultants specializing in transportation, environment, and social areas, witnessed the progress of the project, which stood at 77.84% as of April 15th.

"What you saw at the Workshop Yard is truly incredible. The Workshop Yard construction is advancing, and the super machines that will allow us to install the viaduct's piles have just arrived. These machines have never been seen in Colombia before and are already on their way from Buenaventura Port to Bogotá to begin their assembly process and continue the viaduct construction phase starting in June," explained the Mayor.

The second stop on the tour was at the area known as 'El Pulpo,' at Primero de Mayo Avenue and 68th Avenue, where the experts could witness firsthand the construction and installation of the supports for the north side vehicular bridge, which is part of the FMBL's infrastructure.

"At this construction site, we have a progress rate of 6.51%, represented by the vehicular bridge located on the north side of 68th Avenue and Primero de Mayo Avenue, which will replace the existing bridge to be demolished to make way for the viaduct construction. The foundation piles of the bridge began construction in February," detailed the General Manager of EMB, Leónidas Narváez.

The tour continued with the delegation visiting the FMBL Training Car, which will soon open its doors to the children of Bogotá, allowing them to learn about the Metro and strengthen their sense of belonging with this new transportation actor arriving in the city.

The mission also visited the road interchange at 72nd Street and Caracas Avenue, where the First Line ends, and the Second Line of Bogotá's Metro (SLMB) begins. "This site has experienced all the contingencies of service networks and is projected to be completed in October 2024, so that before the viaduct construction arrives, we have resolved the operation of the mixed traffic grade separation intersection," warned Leónidas Narváez, General Manager of EMB.

The overall progress of the FMBL construction, which includes the concessionaire's construction activities, land acquisition, and network relocation, stands at 19.35%.

Finally, the Mayor of Bogotá expressed her gratitude to the World Bank representatives, saying, "Thank you for believing in Bogotá, thank you for believing in Colombia, and thank you for supporting our FMBL and our second line with loans from various banks."