Bogotá Gains Insights from New York for a 24-Hour City

Bogotá Gains Insights from New York for a 24-Hour City Photo: Mayor's Office of Bogotá
Bogotá's Mayor, Carlos Fernando Galán, meets with New York City's first Nightlife Mayor, Ariel Palitz.

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Translated by Andrés Martínez

Bogotá's Mayor, Carlos Fernando Galán, and Ariel Palitz, New York City's first Nightlife Mayor, convened to explore how nighttime management intertwines with a 24-hour ecosystem involving both the public and private sectors, as well as the community.

During this meeting, the mayors discussed nighttime governance, Bogotá 24/7, and the enhancement of the city's nighttime economy. Notably, Bogotá's Development Plan includes the 'Productive 24-Hour Bogotá' program, aiming to stimulate productive, commercial, cultural, civic, touristic, and social service activities during the city's nighttime hours.

"For Bogotá's economic reactivation, we see a significant opportunity in transitioning towards a 24-hour city, with ample transportation options, beautified public spaces, and a civic culture that aims to dispel fear of the night," stated Mayor Galán on his X account.

Below is Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán's post on social media platform X regarding the meeting with New York's first Night Mayor, Ariel Palitz:

Meanwhile, New York's Night Mayor highlighted the need to collaborate for a more prosperous city, advancing towards a cleaner and safer city alongside nighttime establishments and a responsible team.

"We are pooling efforts to make cities more prosperous. Hence, it's crucial to coordinate actions across different sectors of nighttime establishments through listening sessions, thus implementing robust policies that deliver medium and long-term solutions benefiting all, thereby boosting the city," Ariel emphasized.